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Resto-Endo VS Endo-Resto. BG Denal Cases #11

Endo & Post endo BG Dental Cases

Resto-Endo VS Endo-Resto | BG Dental Cases #11

This time we will discuss complex case planning when endodontic retreatment meets indirect restoration.
Sequence of actions will be shown as well as stress free approach when you need to do a lot of things and stay calm :)

🔴Also as good tradition we are giving to you opportunity to win online master-class dedicated to direct composite restorations and bonding.
The only condition is to give an answer:
What is the best way to prepare pulp chamber for adhesive restoration once endodontic treatment is finished?
🎉Winner will be defined among correct answers by random selection online.

Write in the comments what clinical cases you would like to see in this project.

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Module 4: From Endodontics to Restoration

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