Dear friends,
We are happy to present you new set of free dental education materials to make your professional life easier. :)

This time BG Dental Digest is devoted to bonded posterior restorations aka in-on-overlays.

In this issue:
Deep margin
Very painful situation for every single dentist.
Here is mini webinar and case presentation with a lot of tips regarding this topic:
Some retentive grooves:
Do we really need this nowadays in era of adhesive dentistry?
Probably not.
Or may be sometimes in case of table top restoration for better positioning.
Best free webinar according to feedbacks that we got from colleagues
Almost 1 hour of very useful information about in-on-overlays. If you missed it - here you are.
We call it "1 mm trick" to open cervical margin.
Just watch the video and enjoy
Do you know that online master-class is better that regular webinar?
Why? Because of "presence" effect that we created for our online courses. You will see every single step and detail regarding preparation designs for inlays, onlays, overlays and veneerlays.

Hurry up - early bird price valid just until August 10